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Saturday, July 28, 2007.

Dear friends,

i will be shifting my blog site from blogger to:


reason is i wanted some privacy.
hehehe some blog entries is only for mi to see!!

but i've not do up the site yet... hahaha

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007.

hmmm actually nth to blog.. but have to
make the J06 announcements..

well well here it goes...

Date: 19th Aug 2007
Time: 2pm
Activity: ???

actually wana ask for votes but find it abit meaningless
coz i think end up there will lunch / dinner tgt??
or usual practice KTV? still....

1. Lunch or Dinner
2. Chilling at coffee houses
3. KTV
4. Movie
5. Outdoor activities?

most impt we take our family photo wor!!!! hehehhe ..
n celia requested to be on 18th aug instead...
but 18th will means onli noon available.. coz
we gg to see fireworks [already bot tickets] muahaha
so ppl... please make up ur mind... when n what to do!

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007.

weee gg to be almost 1 week din blogged..
gosh im so busy.. just realised tt i din even
had a day tt i stayed at hm.. always wake up
le go gym, sch, yoga... onli toNIGHT i stayed
at hm, actually also not as hm de lo... but yb
so late wan to meet i also sian.. do nth also.
opps... so i stayed at hm to finish my long long
overdue hw... heheh lazy vivi....

alright start from last fri... went holland v
for laksa... great!!! katong laksa.. was at
wanwan's exact location... selling nasi lemak
too.. but we ate laksa... woah... shiok..
after tt rush to sch for finance class... hehe
almost late.. woah my lecturer is quite good
looking.. despite his age.. he shd be 40-50
range lo.. but hehe gd looking lei.. hehehe
n our lect ends exactly at 10pm lo... so sian
de... make all of us reach hm so late... boo

sat...can't really rmb.. i think i slept till 1pm+
surf net.. do houseworks.. den went gym at 4+pm
coz got PT.. hehe n get to heard some juicy news
from raymond... hehehe ... kpo vivi..
can't share hear.. later got ppl noe how? ahhaha
den i will be famous in FF lo... hehehe den at night
met yb... n played scrabble all night... hehe
fun fun i love scrabble..

sun.. hmm woke up early at 10.30am.. n i made yb woke
up also hahaha coz i wan him to drive mi to amk hub
since he will be waking slightly later to go work..
hehe evil vivi... den end up i reached earlier than
monica.. anyway i go earlier to meet monica de..
coz she wan go earlier... boooo sat she also at FF at
10am lo... super... den i ate my breakfast there..
n we gym n chat at the same time... n monica create
joke there.. n our mighty corden came to save her..
heheheh scenario is reallly sooooo funny... hehe..
joke of the day is we 2 lo... act clowns there..
n monica pei mi to have lunch tooo... n we went our
separate ways le... n at night is scrabble time
again... n mini poppers!!! wee damn nice can!

mon... went combat at TY... yeah issey... class was
quite full... still i love issey's combat.. thou alone
but im happy there... FF de combat cmi... hahaha
be4 gg to combat... went shopping ard.. gosh so happy lo
GAP having sales... bot a bag at 40+ after 50% off...
hahaha hope the sales is still on... den cuming mon i
shall go bio other stuffs... hehehe after tt went hm to
have dinner.. hehe after tt went to meet yb... wan to
play scrabble one lo.. but cannot idiot... coz he gg to
buy sth at night..angry.. but end up he compenstate mi
with nic latest movie... omg is soooooooooooooooo
nice lo.... i love it man.... n nic i so damn cool la..
great movie!!!!! weeee !!! i love nicholas tse........

today... forced myself to wake.. haha bo bian coz i got
pt at 1pm.. hai... went at 12.. reached there.. same
routine.. drink lemon tea read papers n chat with raymond
hehehe .. after tt went warmup n start my pt le... woah
see my msn nick... im happy... y ?? hahaha coz when i pass
by "nat" he auto smiled at mi lo.... hahahahaha not smile
smile until very happy like tt ..den i also smiled back happily
aiyo shy lei... hehehe he makes my day so happy.. hehehe..
n todae blur vivi.. nearly misplaced my nike bottle which is a
pressie from my sim friends.. make mi panick like siao...
looked ard like idiot.. end up i put it at a place which ppl c
can hardly notice.. muahaha after tt went to met daniel at
mrt station... the guys arranged for a tennis.. thou i dunno
how to play still went la.. since is so near mi.. if i dun go..
like sooo bad... so i went along... n be a ball picker of the day
hahahha after which we went to have dinner at S11... hehee
nice nice dinner..everyone's foods is nice... yeah... orhh
btw the tennis game is funny for mi.. coz coz not all very zai...
den the way the play...is soooo them lo!!! hahahah
anyway is a great day for mi.. im happy so they are!

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